Ah September in California! Beautiful weather and plans for a great weekend!

Folsom Dam and Folsom Lake on the American Riv...

Folsom Live . . . Don’t Miss It!

Folsom, California in the Fall.  Wow! Click here for a fantastic aerial of our community! Contrary to popular belief, we do have a change in the seasons here at 218 feet above sea level.  The morning chill is invigorating.  We will get our wish though for a warm weekend.  Sure to be the last of 2010 and just in time to enjoy “Folsom Live” hitting Sutter Street.  If you’ve never been here before, be prepared to be mesmerized.  Folsom is home to Folsom Prison that Johnny Cash loved to sing about.  Sure to please, the plan is for 10 live bands to perform and yes, one singing those Cash favorites.  Hope you can make it!  Have a great day and enjoy this awesome weather!

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